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Short Funny Jokes (Part II)

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015 in Jokes

Short Funny Jokes for You

Short Elephant Joke

Why do elephants have four feet?
They would look daft with just 6 inches.

Teacher/Student Joke

Teacher: What are some products of the West Indies?
Student: I don’t know.
Teacher: Of course, you do. Where do you get sugar from?
Student: We borrow it from our neighbor.

Cow Joke

Two cows are standing in a field.
One cow says to the other “Are you worried about Mad Cow Disease?”
The one cow says “No, It doesn’t worry me, I’m a horse!”

Person A Says to Person B …

A: Just look at that young person with the short hair and blue jeans. Is it a boy or a girl?
B: It’s a girl. She’s my daughter.
A: Oh, I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t know that you were her father.
B: I’m not. I’m her mother.

She showed him

Having had one too many, a bar drinker was beginning to display an ugly side. An unescorted female sat down beside him and he whispered to her, “Hey! How about it babe? You and me?”As she got up to move, he said loudly, “Honey, you sure look like you could use the money, but I don’t have an extra two dollars.”
She looked back and replied just as loudly, “What makes you think I charge by the inch?”

Man and Dog

What’s the difference between a man and a dog?
A man wears a suit, a dog just pants.(Get it pants like a dog pants when he’s hot.)

Vegetable Pun

A mushroom walks into a bar and sits down. “Sorry, this bar is for people only,” says the bartender.
“Oh, come on,” says the mushroom. “I’m a fun guy!” (Get it FUNGI)

Racist Jokes

Why cant white men jump?
They were too busy making racist jokes.


“I was born in California.”
“Which part?”
“All of me.”

Short Funny Joke about a Brain

A brain went into a pub and said, “Can I have a pint of lager please?” “No way” says the barman “you are already out of your head”.

Don’t Strain Yourself on This One

Did you hear about the prawn that went to a nightclub – he pulled a mussel.

Dumb Doctor Joke

A man walks into a surgery “doctor” he cries “I think I’m shrinking” “I?m sorry, sir there are no appointments at the moment” says the physician “you will just have to be a little patient”