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More Funny Poems for Kids

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015 in Poems

These funny poems for kids can be read at bed time or anytime. They are original to this website and offered just for fun by your friendly neighborhood otter.
More poems added all the time for your web-surfing pleasure.

My ABC’s
by the Inspirational Otter.

A is for ants.
B is for ball.
C is for cake and cookies–
my favorite letter of all.

D is for daddy.
E is for eggs.
F is for “feed” the dog
before I go to bed.

G is for goat.
H is for hat.
I is for ice cream,
and boy do I love that.

J is for jump.
K is for Kangaroo.
L is for the lion
that I saw at the zoo.

M is for Mommy.
N is for nice
O is for Ostrich
that I’ve only seen twice.

P is for popcorn.
Q is for queen.
S is for my sister,
who can sometimes be mean.

T is for tomato.
U is for unicorn.
V is for that ugly vest
that I have never worn.

W is for wagon.
X is for X-ray.
Y is for Yellow shirt
that I stained yesterday.

Z is for Zebra
and is also for the Zoo
where I saw a hippo pooping
and an elephant farted, too.

More Funny Poems for Kids

Kids love funny animal poems. Enjoy this poem about a mouse.

The Teacher and the Mouse
by Inspirational Otter

The teacher woke up
one morning and went to work.
She walked into her classroom,
and then she went beserk.

She jumped onto her desk
and screamed and screamed,
because in the corner
was the biggest mouse she’d ever seen.

The Mouse’s name was Harvey.
He was just getting out of bed,
and the teacher’s screaming
caused a pain in his head.

“Excuse me,” said Harvey.
The teacher was surprised by the mouse.
He was even more polite
thank the children in the schoolhouse.

“I’m sorry,” said the teacher,
“but you frightened me.”
“I’m sorry for scaring you,
but I was just sitting down to tea.”

The mouse set up the tea
the teacher came down of the desk
and they both had a cup
while the children took a test.